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Things You Can Do in an Airplane

Plane rides are usually boring, especially when you have no choice but to sit there for more or less eight hours. What makes it worse is that electronics are banned during flight. What most people should realized that there are other things that they can do to keep themselves entertained during long flights. You just need to be a little creative and to help you, this article lists five suggestions and feel free to add more if you like.

If you can’t play candy crush or any game on your mobile, you can always read. When going on a vacation, it is always great to have a book with you. A best-seller paperback is not that heavy to bring along. Or you can also bring a magazine with you. In case you have not brought a book with you, you can either buy one or buy a magazine. Many airports have magazine or bookstands in lobbies and waiting areas. If you want to be creative instead of buying something from a newsstand, why not make your own magazine. There are plenty of online resources that help you design and print magazines containing your own original creation or contents that you have curated from the web. Long trips will never be boring if you are reading the magazine you created yourself.

You can also daydream while riding and airplane and you might fall asleep. Isn’t it during stressful days that you wish you can just sit, do nothing and imagine a lot of things. Long plane rides are your chances of doing that. You can also combine daydreaming with reading a magazine. Simple put, you can imagine what you could have done if you were the editor of the magazine you just read.

The next idea is perfect for artist, as well as those who are simple bored. Before going on a trip, take a drawing pad with your so you can doodle if you are not good at drawing. Color pencils are allowed in airplanes so create a masterpiece or even more. Then again, you can sketch how the cover would look like if you were to make your own magazine.

Moving forward, crafting is another entertaining thing to do in an airplane. A few suggestions include making paper crafts called origami. So bring an origami instruction booklet and a lot of origami papers during flight. Better yet, make your own magazine that contains all the origami instructions that you want to do while on a plane.

Lastly, you can write. Create a poem or an essay. Or you can also write down your ideas if you were to make your own magazine.

These are just examples of what you can do so don’t feel bad if they ask you to put away your mobile devices. And if you want to make your own magazine before your trip, click this.

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